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Since you have a credit card, the chance that you carry a balance is fairly high - and so is the chance that the interest rate on your credit cards is fairly high, too. So, how can you avoid paying such high interest rates to the credit card companies whom you owe?

You can get a low-rate personal loan for debt consolidation and pay off all of your credit cards, as shown in the image below:

Credit Card Debt Consolidation

Here's how it works: is a personal loan marketplace where you can get a personal loan, online, for up to $35,000. P2P Credit's interest rates start at 6.38% - and they specialize in debt consolidation loans.

You don't have to have perfect credit (P2P loans are even available for people with bad credit) and applying for a loan is easy. Their loan application process is all online - and it takes very little time.

A debt consolidation loan is something you should only consider if you carry a balance on your credit cards. If you're not in debt - or if your debt is at a very low introductory or promotional interest rate - there is NO reason to consolidate your debt into a loan. (The advantage comes from the lower interest rate.)

However, if you are carrying credit card balances at high interest rates, it makes sense to consolidate as much of your credit card debt as possible into a personal loan. (That way, you can get away from the high interest rates and reduce all monthly payments to just one fixed payment on a short term personal loan.) offers loans of all types - so, you can even avoid the credit card trap altogether and finance just about anything you'd normally put on a credit card. But the really fun part about P2P Credit is that it's not a credit card company - the money for all of the loans comes from individual investors (real people!) who have decided to invest small amounts of their own money into each loan (a process called P2P lending).

So, instead of paying a credit card company a high rate, you can consolidate your debts into one, single loan - at a low rate - while cutting out the banks and credit card companies altogether! (We think that's pretty cool!)